“Unfussy and Fashionable: Gal Gadot’s Modern Twist on Style”

Following a workout session at the gym, Gal Gadot joins us on a video call, amused as she catches sight of herself on the screen. Despite her post-workout look, she remains stunning as ever, and her bubbly personality shines through our conversation. Not taking herself too seriously, Gadot’s focus is on entertainment and enjoyment. Her daily exercises and training have proved invaluable for her latest project, Heart of Stone, in which she takes on the role of Rachel Stone, a covert agent for “The Charter,” an elite organization of peacekeepers. Throughout the film, Gadot executes a range of stunts, including skiing down a steep mountain, jumping off a high cliff, and parachuting into the desert. Gadot admits that after each film in this genre, she tells herself that it cannot get more physically demanding, yet the next project always proves her wrong. In Heart of Stone, the action only increases, with aerial combat, deep-sea diving, and mountain chases making the experience incredibly grueling.

According to Gadot, while she performs a considerable number of stunts in her movies, there are some that she cannot do herself. She admits that it is difficult to believe when other actors claim to have executed all their stunts, and she believes that only Tom Cruise can do so. Gadot acknowledges the importance of stunt teams and strives to give them the credit they deserve since they often go unrecognized. Her stunt crew is like a second family to her, with some members dating back to her first role in the Fast Furious franchise. Besides acting, she and her husband Jaron have established a production company, and she has appeared in Red Notice and Death on the Nile. As a teenager, Gadot studied dance and worked as a trainer in the Israeli forces during her national service. Despite studying law and modeling, she abandoned everything to pursue her acting career when she received the Fast Furious offer, and the rest is history.

In a surprising move, Gal Gadot has made an unexpected return to the Fast and Furious franchise in its tenth installment, despite her character’s supposed demise in a previous film. Although the actress remains tight-lipped about the nature of her role, she expresses her excitement at being a part of the series that catapulted her into Hollywood. Gadot acknowledges the franchise’s impact on promoting gender equality and diversity in the film industry. She commends the Fast and Furious movies for allowing women to play significant roles rather than just being decorative objects or passengers in car scenes. According to Gadot, the franchise’s pioneering approach to casting actors from around the world was groundbreaking, and she intends to replicate this global perspective in her upcoming project, Heart of Stone.

Gal Gadot’s Heart of Stone is a film that showcases the power and strength of female characters. The movie stars talented actresses such as Sophie Okonedo, Alia Bhatt, and Jing Lusi, all of whom play significant roles in the story. According to Gadot, it is crucial to create female protagonists that are not mere copies of male action heroes. She shares that she often receives scripts that suggest replacing male leads with female ones, a concept that she firmly rejects. Instead, Heart of Stone presents a fresh perspective through the eyes of a strong and independent female character. Gadot attributes the success of her previous movie, Wonder Woman, for giving her and her husband the confidence to produce an action-packed film with a lead female character. Furthermore, she reassures fans that she will continue to star in the third installment of the Wonder Woman franchise. Recently, she met with James Gunn and Peter Safran from DC, who promised to take good care of her character.

Gal Gadot believes that the film industry has undergone a transformation due to movies like Wonder Woman. The actress advocates for major studios to not only cast more female leads but also extend opportunities to female directors and producers. Recently, she has collaborated yet again with Patty Jenkins for a new Cleopatra movie, as Jenkins produces and Kari Skogland directs. Gadot recognizes numerous talented female directors including Greta Gerwig and Alma Har’el. Traditionally, Hollywood values money and influence, however, there is a growing trust in female filmmakers and their ability to generate revenue. Nevertheless, despite the #MeToo movement, the scripts offered to her are still not gender-balanced. While there have been some advancements, there is still much work to be achieved towards creating a better environment for women and actresses in the film industry.

Gal Gadot is enthusiastic about working on projects that feature strong female characters who are not solely defined by their relationships with men. She is particularly thrilled to be involved in a new version of Cleopatra, which will be spearheaded by a team of women. Unlike previous adaptations of the story, which were mostly created by men, this reimagining will focus on showcasing Cleopatra’s leadership skills. Gadot believes that there is still much to learn about this iconic figure beyond her reputation for using seduction to get ahead. The team behind the film is taking their time to create a well-crafted script that honors Cleopatra’s legacy and does justice to her incredible story.

As a member of a production company, Gadot often works alongside writers and has built many friendships within that community in LA. She expresses empathy for their current situation as they are on strike due to a disagreement on pay among union members in the US. Gadot acknowledges the personal stories of these writers and offers her support to them. Despite the increase in demand for content with the popularity of streaming, she recognizes the little progress made in improving the writers’ situation. She hopes for a fair deal that benefits everyone involved and advocates for change.

Apart from her professional life, Gadot is also a mother of three young girls. She describes motherhood as both messy and chaotic, but also fulfilling. As a working mother, she admits feeling guilty at times about finding a balance between work and family. However, she believes in prioritizing what matters most and muting those feelings of guilt.

Acknowledging that it’s impossible to aim for perfection in every aspect of my life has helped me tremendously. Instead, I focus on doing my best and being the best mother I can be to my children. Additionally, I actively pursue my passions and interests as it not only benefits me but also sets a good example for my kids. They are my top priority, and even though I’m a famous movie star, they are the true stars in my life. While they’re starting to grasp what I do for work, they’re still at an age where listening to their parents isn’t always their forte. Nevertheless, the entertainment industry is making strides in accommodating working mothers, which is a positive step forward. In fact, on some movie sets like Wonder Woman and Heart of Stone, I’ve brought my daughters along to spend time with the cast and crew.

Gal Gadot reflects on her upbringing and how her parents were initially hesitant about her decision to pursue a career in acting. Growing up, her parents valued education above all else, and they did not view becoming an actress or model as a practical career choice. However, everything changed when she received an offer to star in Fast Furious. Despite this, Gadot admits that she never considered acting as a career since dancing was her true passion. Nevertheless, her husband Jaron played a significant role in encouraging her to follow her dreams and supported her throughout her journey. She likened their relationship to a kite and a tree, with Jaron being the kite soaring high while she anchored him like a tree. Gadot attributes her success to her husband’s unwavering support, and she acknowledges that although her parents took some time to come around, they are now her biggest fans.

Despite missing her home, Gal Gadot makes sure to stay connected with her family through video calls. Recently, she was approached by renowned director Steven Spielberg and his Righteous Persons Foundation to lend her voice to a video for the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum in Poland, which held significant connections to her family’s past. Gadot’s Jewish grandfather, Abraham Weiss, survived the concentration camp as a teenager, but tragically lost his mother and brother to the war. Her great-grandfather also lost his life during this dark period. The project was emotionally challenging for Gadot, as it brought back memories of her grandfather, who only shared his experiences at Auschwitz after her grandmother’s passing and eventually returned to the camp to share his story with visitors.

When Gadot was a teenager, she had the opportunity to visit Auschwitz with her schoolmates. However, the experience became emotional and overwhelming when she learned that she would be providing the voice that visitors hear on their headphones during their tour of the site. The idea of her grandfather being a teenager in the same death camp almost 80 years ago gave her goosebumps, and she became emotional at the thought. She wished that someone could have told him that his granddaughter would one day recount what happened at the site. Gadot strongly advocates for people to come together and talk, insisting that all wars should come to an end. She believes that historical events like World War II are often overlooked and forgotten, making projects like the film essential. As a parent herself, Gadot hopes for peace in the world. Like any other parent, she desires her children to enjoy safety, happiness, and prosperity. No one wants to send their offspring into war.

Gal Gadot recently shared her plans to educate her children about their family history in the future. She has already started these conversations with the help of educational videos and her children’s school curriculum. Gadot also carefully considers the roles she portrays on screen, as she desires to see more women in leading roles. After playing Wonder Woman, she became a role model for young girls worldwide, a responsibility she takes seriously. While filming, however, she remains focused on the story and character, understanding that strong female characters on the big screen inspire both boys and girls. Despite having to decline a role in the new Barbie movie due to other commitments, she appreciated Margot Robbie’s compliments about her suitability for the role. Recently, Gadot completed filming as the original Disney villain, The Evil Queen, in a new musical adaptation of Snow White and is now working on a present-day version of Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch A Thief with her production company. She is excited about her latest project, Heart of Stone, which she created with her husband, and is enthusiastic about using her work to make the world a better place.

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