“Satin Stunner: Karrueche Tran Steals the Show at LeBron James’ Record-breaking NBA Scoring Celebration”

On Tuesday night, Karreuche Tran was among the stars who celebrated the NBA all-time scoring record broken by LA Lakers star LeBron James. The stunning 34-year-old donned a gorgeous satin slip dress as she exited LA’s The Fleur Room, accompanied by several other celebrities. She completed her look by draping a black cardigan over her arms and carrying a stylish Prada bag. Joining Karreuche were notable figures such as Adele’s boyfriend Rich Paul, singer Giveon, and Corey Gamble. Basketball players Rui Hachimura, Thomas Bryant, and Patrick Beverly were also spotted at the event.

Stunner: Karrueche Tran wore a satin slip dress as she led the stars at LeBron James' afterparty to celebrate the Lakers star breaking the NBA scoring record at The Fleur Room on Tuesday night

The lovely Karrueche Tran was spotted wearing a smooth and elegant satin slip dress while leading the pack of celebrities who attended LeBron James’ afterparty to commemorate his historic NBA scoring record at The Fleur Room on Tuesday evening.

Looking good: She draped a black cardigan over her arms and toted an embellished Prada bag in hand

Smiling: Karreuche was in good company on the big night

Looking stylish: She elegantly draped a black cardigan over her arms and carried an embellished Prada bag in her hand. Although LeBron James, 38, was not seen outside the venue, a celebratory cake was spotted being taken in. Celebrities flocked to witness NBA history being made on Tuesday, with James being just 36 points away from breaking the all-time scoring record. In a stunning feat, he hit a fadeaway jumper during the Los Angeles Lakers’ game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, bringing his career total to 38,388 points and surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s nearly four-decade-old record. The Crypto.com Arena was packed with A-listers, including Jay-Z, Denzel Washington, and Rich Paul, who were seated courtside for the momentous event. Jay-Z was seen wearing a black sweatshirt that read, ‘This is Black Magic,’ seemingly in reference to LeBron’s historic performance, while sitting next to Gamble. The rap icon accessorized with a gold watch and black sweats to complete his look. Interestingly, he did not attend the game with his wife Beyonce, who recently made history herself by earning her 32nd and 33rd Grammy Awards on Sunday, becoming the individual performer with the most Grammy wins.

The thigh's the limit: Kelly Rowland wore some sexy and shiny boots to the bash

Kelly Rowland turned heads at the party with her stunning and glamorous thigh-high boots.

The guys! Adele's boyfriend and sports agent Rich Paul attended the bash, (left) and Kris Jenner's long-term love Corey Gamble (right) was also there

Keeping it cool! Corey kept things sporty in a tracksuit and leather jacket

The fellas were in attendance at the party! Rich Paul, Adele’s beau and a sports agent, was spotted at the event, while Corey Gamble, Kris Jenner’s partner of many years, also made an appearance.

Casually cool! NBA player Thomas Bryant was also in attendance and wore an Aaliyah tee

The atmosphere was laid-back and easy-going! Thomas Bryant, a professional basketball player in the NBA, was present and dressed in an Aaliyah t-shirt.

All stars: Rui Hachimura, (left) turned up wearing a cream cargo ensemble alongside Patrick Beverly, (right)

There he is: Sportsman Patrick looked ready to party as he made his grand arrival

Rui Hachimura and Patrick Beverly made a stylish appearance at the recent event, with Hachimura sporting a cool cream cargo outfit.

Yummy! While LeBron, 38, himself was not seen outside the venue, a celebratory cake was seen being taken in

Mmm, delicious! Although LeBron, who is 38 years old, wasn’t spotted outside the location, a cake to commemorate the occasion was observed being brought inside.

Celebrity couple: Jimmy Iovine and Liberty Ross were also ready to celebrate

The famous duo of Jimmy Iovine and Liberty Ross were all set to enjoy their celebration.

Hand in hand: Patrick arrived with a pretty companion who wore a purple unitard to the party

Patrick showed up at the party with a gorgeous partner sporting a purple unitard. Many other big names were present at the game, including Denzel Washington, who has been a loyal Lakers season ticket holder for almost four decades. The award-winning actor donned a black Yankees baseball cap, accompanied by a black t-shirt under a blue zip-up sweater and matching black pants. His glasses hung from the zipper of his sweater while he chatted with fellow attendees.

Record breaker: LeBron James hit a fadeaway jumper late in the 3rd quarter of the Los Angeles Lakers' game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, bringing his career total to 38,388 points, passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who has held the record for nearly 40 years

LeBron James has made history once again as he broke Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s long-standing record of 38,387 career points during the Los Angeles Lakers’ game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The record-breaking shot was a fadeaway jumper made in the third quarter of the game. This is a remarkable achievement for James, who now holds the title of the NBA’s all-time leading scorer.

Courtside celebs: The Crypto.com Arena was chocked full of celebs trying to watch history, including Jay-Z, Denzel Washington and Adele's boyfriend Rich Paul - just days after Jay-Z enjoyed a Grammy night toast with Adele

Famous faces filled the Crypto.com Arena, eager to witness a historic moment. Among them were Jay-Z, Denzel Washington, and Rich Paul (Adele’s partner). Interestingly, Jay-Z had recently joined Adele for a celebratory drink after the Grammy Awards.

Jay and Corey: Jay-Z was spotted courtside wearing a black sweatshirt that read, 'This is Black Magic,' seemingly referring to LeBron's record-breaking performance, spotted sitting next to Corey Gamble

Jay and Corey were seen sitting courtside during a basketball game. Jay-Z was wearing a black sweatshirt with the words, “This is Black Magic,” which could be a reference to LeBron’s impressive performance. Corey Gamble was also seated next to him.

Jay's look: The rap icon and music mogul also wore a gold watch while seen holding a drink courtside for the momentous event

Jay-Z was seen courtside at the historic event, sporting a gold watch and holding a drink. He looked every bit the rap icon and music mogul that he is. Rich Paul joined him, dressed in a sleek black dress shirt, leather coat, and leather pants. Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather also made an appearance, donning a $1 million chain from Johnny Dang that weighs almost six pounds. The 45-year-old Mayweather looked stylish in a black Louis Vuitton hoodie, gold watch, and black pants.

Jay's look: He completed his look with black sweats as he sat courtside to watch NBA history being made

Jay finished off his attire with a pair of black sweatpants as he relaxed courtside to witness NBA history in the making.

Onlookers: He appeared in great spirits as he sat front row with Corey Gamble

Spectators witnessed that he was in high spirits while he occupied the front row alongside Corey Gamble.

Pals: Jay-Z met up with LeBron James after the match

Buddies: Jay-Z caught up with LeBron James post-game.

Denzel: Other A-listers spotted at the game included Denzel Washington - a Lakers season ticket holder for nearly 40 years

Denzel Washington, who has been a faithful Lakers season ticket holder for almost four decades, was also seen at the game alongside other famous personalities.

Game time: The Oscar-winning actor was seen wearing a black New York Yankees baseball cap with a black t-shirt under a blue zip-up sweater

It’s game on! The talented Academy Award winner was spotted sporting a sleek black New York Yankees cap, paired with a suave black tee and topped off with a stylish blue zip-up sweater.

Rich: Adele's boyfriend Rich Paul was also spotted courtside in a black dress shirt, black leather coat and black leather pants for the game

Adele’s beau, Rich Paul, was seen sitting courtside during the game, dressed in a stylish black ensemble. He wore a black dress shirt, complemented by a black leather coat and black leather pants.

Looking good: Rich cut a stylish figure in a black bomber jacket, teamed with a shirt and jeans

Happy: He put on an animated display front row

Rich looked fashionable and well put-together in his black bomber jacket, which he paired with a shirt and jeans. His overall appearance was quite impressive.

Pals: Jay-Z and Rich then met up and gave each other a hug

Buddies Jay-Z and Rich linked up and exchanged a warm embrace.

Floyd's chain: Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather was also spotted at the game, wearing what TMZ reported earlier on Tuesday was a $1 million chain from Johnny Dang that weighs nearly six pounds

Floyd Mayweather, the renowned boxer, was seen at the game sporting a chain that reportedly cost $1 million and weighs almost 6 pounds. TMZ had revealed this information earlier on Tuesday, referring to the piece of jewelry as Floyd’s chain.

Floyd's look: The 45-year-old Mayweather stepped out with a black Louis Vuitton hoodie with a gold watch and black pants

Floyd Mayweather, aged 45, sported a sleek black Louis Vuitton hoodie, paired with black pants and a gold watch. The boxing legend was spotted sitting courtside next to Usher, who rocked a black t-shirt, black pants, a black backwards snapback cap, multiple gold chains and bracelets, and black sunglasses. LL Cool J, fresh off his unforgettable performance at the Grammys hip-hop tribute, wore a black shirt, several chains, a black stocking cap and sunglasses. His outfit was completed with a black jacket with red and orange stripes, matching pants, and stylish black and white Nike sneakers.

Floyd and Usher: The 45-year-old Mayweather stepped out with a black Louis Vuitton hoodie with a gold watch and black pants

Floyd Mayweather and Usher were spotted together as the former donned a stylish black Louis Vuitton hoodie with a matching gold watch and black pants. At 45 years old, Mayweather still knows how to make a fashion statement.

Usher's look: Usher also rocked a pair of black sunglasses for his courtside look on Tuesday evening

Usher added a stylish touch to his courtside outfit by donning a pair of sleek black sunglasses during Tuesday evening’s game.

LL's look: LL Cool J - coming off his epic Grammys hip-hop tribute performance - was seen in a black stocking cap, sunglasses, a black shirt, several chains

LL Cool J was spotted sporting a black beanie, shades, and a black top adorned with multiple chains. This comes after his amazing hip-hop tribute performance at the Grammy Awards.

LL arrives: He completed his look with a black jacket with red stripes and orange stripes, with matching pants and black and white Nike sneakers

LL has arrived, sporting a dashing ensemble that features a jet-black jacket adorned with both red and orange stripes. He pairs it up with matching pants and completes the outfit with a sleek pair of Nike sneakers in black and white.

Shannon: Shannon Sharpe rocked a Louis Vuitton Puzzle Jacquard sweater (retails for $1,700) with blue pants and a blue bag

Shannon Sharpe was seen donning a Louis Vuitton Puzzle Jacquard sweater that can be bought for $1,700. He paired it with blue pants and carried a matching blue bag.

John: Tennis legend John McEnroe is all smiles courtside at the Lakers game

John McEnroe, the renowned tennis player, was seen grinning from ear to ear while enjoying the Lakers game from the sidelines.

Liberty and Jimmy: Liberty Ross and Jimmy Iovine enjoy the Lakers game courtside

Liberty Ross and Jimmy Iovine were spotted having a great time at a Lakers game, sitting courtside and soaking up the excitement of the game. The duo appeared to be enjoying each other’s company as they watched the players in action, cheering on their favorite team. It was evident that Liberty and Jimmy were having a fun-filled evening, relishing the thrill of being so close to the action.

Leggy Lisa: Lisa Rinna rocks a leggy look arriving at the Lakers game

Lisa Rinna made a stylish entrance at the Lakers game, showing off her long legs in an eye-catching ensemble. The TV personality definitely turned heads with her fashion-forward choice, proving once again that she knows how to make a statement.

Bunny and Rachel: Bad Bunny sits courtside with model Rachel Garcia Carrillo at the Lakers game

Bad Bunny and model Rachel Garcia Carrillo were spotted together at a Lakers game, seated courtside.

Laker legends: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar poses with former Laker teammates A.C. Green (left) and James Worthy (right)

The iconic basketball player, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, was captured in a photo with his former teammates of the Los Angeles Lakers, A.C. Green and James Worthy. The three legends of the game looked like a formidable team, reminiscing about their glory days on the court.

Kareem looks on: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar watches the Lakers game on Tuesday night

Observing Kareem: On Tuesday evening, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was spotted taking in the Lakers game.

Phil, Bryce and Bronny: Nike co-founder Phil Knight (second from left) sits with LeBron James' sons Bryce and Bronny

Phil Knight, one of the co-founders of Nike, was seen in company with Bryce and Bronny, the sons of basketball superstar LeBron James. The trio seemed to be enjoying their time together.

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