“Quenching thirst in style: Gal Gadot becomes the fresh face of Smartwater”

After 12 years of being the face of Smartwater, Jennifer Aniston has been replaced by Israeli actress Gal Gadot. Gadot was recently seen at the Oscars ceremony at the Dolby Theatre. She is now taking on the role as the new spokesperson for Smartwater.

According to Variety, an Israeli model and actress has taken over from Jennifer Aniston, who had the role for 12 years. The new model will star in video clips on social media platforms and other media outlets, including New York City’s Times Square sign. Additionally, she will be featured prominently in the brand’s inaugural TV advertisement.

According to Celina Li, who is the vice president of water for Coca-Cola North America, the company plans to feature their product in numerous locations, including the physical world. This means that consumers can expect to see their product in various settings.

In an Instagram post, Gadot shared news about her recent partnership, along with a snapshot of herself taking a sip from a bottle of Smartwater.

Don’t miss out on The Times of Israel’s Daily Edition by subscribing to our newsletter via email. By joining, you are agreeing to the terms outlined. According to Li, Gal Gadot represents the qualities that our customers desire and that Smartwater embodies. She prioritizes overall wellness, both physically and mentally, in all aspects of her life.

Since 2018, Gadot has been representing Revlon as their global brand ambassador. Later this year, we can expect the release of the highly anticipated sequel to Gadot’s hit movie “Wonder Woman”. This information was sourced from timesofisrael.com.

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