“Guarding the King: Kevin Looney’s Firsthand Account of Defending LeBron James at His Best”

Ever since LeBron James entered the NBA, he has been a remarkable force to be reckoned with. He quickly established himself as one of the game’s best players and has continued to dominate throughout his 20-year career. While he currently plays for the Lakers, he spent a significant amount of time with the Cleveland Cavaliers, helping them secure their first NBA championship in 2016. In fact, he has had two separate stints with the Cavs, and during his second stint, he led them to four NBA Finals in a row from 2015 to 2018, where they faced off against the Golden State Warriors three times. In a recent interview with Mark Medina of Sportskeeda, Kevin Looney of the Warriors compared LeBron’s current form to that of his peak in 2018.

LeBron James 2018

According to ESPN, during Game 1 of the 2018 finals, LeBron James scored an incredible 51 points, leaving Kevin Looney to believe that he was at the peak of his powers. While in his previous team, James used to control the ball more than anyone else. However, after five years with the Lakers, he lets other players like Austin Reaves and D’Angelo Russell handle the ball. Looney commented in 2018 that LBJ would be a part of every play of his team, but last year, he added that James would pick his spots and let others do their jobs. Nonetheless, LeBron James still maintains control, albeit more cerebral in choosing his moments. Despite sustaining more injuries in the last three years than his entire career, James remains highly dominant even at 38, with the Lakers franchise placing complete faith in him no matter what. It’s difficult to say how age-related symptoms have affected the game of the GOAT, but those who played alongside or against him in the last twenty years can spot the differences in LBJ’s style.

LeBron James Lakers Workout

The source of LeBron James’ workout with the Lakers was reported by Sky Sports. In his 20th season in the league, LBJ broke the all-time scoring record, continuing the tradition of Lakers like Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Even at the age of 38, he believes he can keep up with the youngsters, running faster and jumping higher. The Lakers GM, Rob Pelinka, stated that LeBron is preparing for his 21st season with the enthusiasm of a rookie, as he doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Despite missing a month due to a tendon injury on his right foot, he averaged 28.9 points last season. However, as he ages, his body shows some signs of wear and tear.

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