Gal Gadot’s Path to Success: A Visual Journey from Pageants to Hollywood Stardom

Gal Gadot is a well-known name in Hollywood, thanks to her starring role in Wonder Woman. However, before she began acting in 2009’s Fast Furious, Gal actually competed in beauty pageants. At 19 years old, she won the 2004 Miss Israel pageant and went on to compete in the Miss Universe pageant in Quito, Ecuador that same year, ultimately losing to Jennifer Hawkins from Australia. After her time in pageantry, Gal was conscripted into the Israel Defense Forces, where she served as a physical fitness specialist for two years and taught gymnastics and calisthenics. Her military background later helped her break into the acting world, as director Justin Lin cast her as Gisele in the Fast and Furious franchise based on her experience. Today, Gal is married with two children and is breaking gender barriers with her empowering portrayal of Wonder Woman.

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Emily Ratajkowski Wears a Lacy Ab-Tracing Set at the Daily Front Row Awards

Emily Ratajkowski was spotted wearing a stunning ab-tracing set at the Daily Front Row Awards. The set was made of lace, adding an elegant touch to her outfit.

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