“Gal Gadot Slams Body Shamers for Criticizing Her Curves in Wonder Woman Role”

Gal Gadot, a 32-year-old Israeli actress, has faced criticism regarding her body despite her success as Wonder Woman, which grossed $800 million worldwide. In response to body shamers who claimed she was not curvy enough to play the iconic superhero, Gadot stated in a Rolling Stone interview, “If we’re going to be realistic, the Amazons only had one breast. So what’s the issue here? My small breasts and butt? That’s insignificant.” Gadot referenced a Greek mythology theory suggesting that the Amazons only had one breast.

Warrior:  Gal Gadot, 32,responded to body shamers claiming she wasn't curvy enough to play the iconic heroine in the latest Rolling Stone magazine

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Gal Gadot, the 32-year-old actress who played the iconic heroine in the latest superhero movie, Warrior, addressed criticisms about her physique not being curvy enough to portray the character. She also shared some amusing experiences while performing action scenes while pregnant with her second child. Initially hesitant to draw attention to herself, she believes that women should be able to do their job without any fuss. However, changing attitudes towards gender roles still has a long way to go. During filming, they had to cut open her costume and use green screen technology to hide her baby bump, resulting in an entertaining sight for everyone – Wonder Woman with a bump.

No curves ahead:  'Listen, if you want to be for real, then the Amazons, they had only one boob,' she said, alluding to a theory in Greek mythology. 'So what are you talking about here? Me having small boobs and small ass? That will make all the difference.'

“Hey, if you’re striving for authenticity, here’s something interesting: Greek mythology suggests that the Amazons had just a single breast,” she mentioned. “So why am I being judged for my petite chest and backside? It’s really not that big of an issue.”

On the run: Gadot has talked plenty about Wonder Woman, which has earned more than $400 million domestically and close to $800 million worldwide

In a recent issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Gal Gadot, the actress who played Wonder Woman, talked about the success of the film which grossed over $400 million in the US and nearly $800 million worldwide. In the accompanying photo shoot, she was seen wearing the famous wristlets of the superhero. She also revealed that she was quite a tomboy during her childhood days in Israel, often getting hurt while playing rough. Unlike most kids, there was no television in her home and she was always encouraged to go outside and play sports. Despite being a good student and a people-pleaser, Gal didn’t shy away from getting scratches and injuries. She and her younger sister were raised to be independent and strong-willed, with the belief that they could achieve anything they set their minds to while growing up in Rosh Ha’ayin, a small town in central Israel.

Her start:  After serving her two mandatory years in the Israel Defense Forces, she entered the Miss Israel pageant. Seen in 2004

Starting off her career, she fulfilled her mandatory service in the Israeli military and then went on to take part in the Miss Israel pageant in 2004.

Already on display: Miss Israel Gadot waved to photographers in 2004 in Ecuador

In the year 2004, the lovely Miss Israel Gadot was caught greeting photographers during her visit to Ecuador. It must have been a delightful sight for those around her as she exuded confidence and poise while waving with elegance.

She perfected the pageant wave:  Miss Trinidad and Tobago Danielle Jones and Miss Israel

Danielle Jones, who held the title of Miss Trinidad and Tobago, has honed her pageant wave skills. But her time in pageants has also taught her to be assertive and not let others push her around. She finds it odd when people ask if she is a feminist because she believes everyone should be one. In her opinion, not being a feminist means being sexist.

She is married to real-estate developer Yaron Versano; seen in May

In the month of May, Gal Gadot was spotted with her husband Yaron Versano, who works as a real estate developer. Interestingly, Gal initially didn’t have a liking for modeling and posing for money. After completing her mandatory service in the Israel Defense Forces, she participated in the Miss Israel pageant with a desire to travel to Europe and share the experience with her grandchildren. To her surprise, she ended up winning the competition and went on to participate in the Miss Universe pageant. Although she did not aim to win it as she believed that it was a huge responsibility for an 18-year-old, she considered her participation a victory even though she lost the competition.

The story kicks off with Zack Snyder giving Gal Gadot a call and asking if she was aware of the role she was being tested for. The actress from Israel had no clue and so Snyder informed her it was the character of Wonder Woman, someone she was unfamiliar with. Despite her passion for other things like attending law school and getting hitched to her husband Yaron Versano, she was asked to audition for a Bond girl role but declined due to her studies. Her agent later convinced her to attend the try-out as a sign of respect which unexpectedly led to her being cast in The Fast And The Furious franchise. This eventually culminated in her playing the iconic part of Wonder Woman.

Update:  She now lives in LA with her family and her new movie Justice League will be released on November 17

Gal Gadot has recently moved to Los Angeles with her family and is preparing for the release of her upcoming film, Justice League, on November 17. During an interview, she revealed that director Zack Snyder had approached her about playing the iconic superheroine Wonder Woman, asking if she was familiar with the character. Gadot had already been introduced to the role through Lynda Carter’s portrayal in the 70s TV series. Additionally, she discussed her experiences as a woman facing sexism in her career.

Covered up:  And there were issues when she was pregnant while doing reshoots on Wonder Woman but they found a solution. 'We cut open the costume and had this green screen on my stomach

While filming additional scenes for Wonder Woman, the main actress encountered some complications due to her pregnancy. Nonetheless, the production team found a solution by slicing her costume open and utilizing a green screen on her belly.

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