Gal Gadot on Style: It’s Intrinsic, Fashion is Fickle

According to stylist Elizabeth Stewart, Gal Gadot exudes confidence that is a vital element of her style. For the Power Stylist issue, Gadot expressed that her taste in fashion is entirely simple and uncomplicated. As the star of Wonder Woman, she stated that she has her unique style.

Gadot shared that she prefers to maintain a sophisticated look and described her personal style in three words: simple, clean, and elegant. According to stylist Elizabeth Stewart, Gadot’s confidence is a significant factor in her style.

According to Stewart, the fittings are a speedy process for Gadot. She has a great sense of style and can quickly determine what looks good on her. Gadot playfully admitted that she is just lazy.

“Hey, she’s not lazy, she’s just confident!” Stewart exclaimed, prompting both of them to express their love for one another.

Ever since her breakout performance as Wonder Woman in 2017, Gadot has consistently stunned on the red carpet with her commanding presence. With the assistance of Stewart, she confidently maintained her style throughout the 2018 awards season.

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